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Oak Engineering & Manufacturing is proud to offer the efficient and user-friendly OakStop Gauge which operates as an automatic stop for sawing material or other material processing. 

Extensive research and development by Oak Engineering & Manufacturing has resulted in an automatic stop/pusher gauge which is efficient and operator friendly. The OakStop Gauge utilizes an industrial computer with Windows® 7operating system (not embedded) with an embedded 10 inch touch screen. The OakStop Gauge offers features Ethernet communications, spreadsheet job file creation that can be saved for future use with repetitive customer jobs on the OakStop Gauge hard drive or remote server, and an optional optimization feature for use with optimization software.

OakStop Computer Controlled Material Stops

are available in working lengths from 6 foot (1.8 meters) to 22 foot (5.8 meters). The actual overall length is the working length plus 24 inches (60.96 centimeters). Longer lengths are available upon inquiry.

Why Choose the Oakstop Gauge

We have the best computerized material stop gauge on the market.

Accurate Cuts

Our OakStop Gauge has the capability of accuracy within (+/-) .004 inches. These accurate cuts are easily repeatable and lead to a great customer experience.

User Friendly Interface

Our system utilizes Windows® 7, providing a great user experience while entering custom measurements.

Innovative Technology

OakStop Gauge provides better accuracy, has internet capabilities, manual control, pusher control, and optimized file control.

Better than The Rest

Our system makes the experience seamless for our operators. No longer do you have to enter your calculations one-by-one, but instead you can provide a list of optimized files that can do your calculations for you.

Rigorously Engineered

We have built our OakStop Gauge using precision machine parts, anodized aluminum, and a heavy-duty steel-belted timing belt.


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